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von Marlene Schick-Witte & Conrad Doberauer

Two teams confront each other in a familiar, yet hostile environment. Is this a gym? A battlefield? A beauty farm? Something unknown, mysterious and almost abyssal, drives them in their greed to succeed and to win this match…

The play pays homage to great Austrian playwright Ödön von Horváth (1901–1938), his understanding of the unexplainable, and his vision of an increasing radicalization of society.

Edudrame is the student theater group of the University of Luxembourg. The participants come from all kinds of academic levels and backgrounds: students, young researchers and teacher. They come from France, Germany and Spain. The group is multilingual and multinational, and shares a strong interest in postmodern theater concepts.

Präsentiert von edudrame aus Luxemburg

Regie: Marlene Schick-Witte, Conrad Doberauer & edudrame

Dauer: ca. 90min


Mittwoch, 27. Februar // 18:00 Uhr

Entry: 5€ (reduced) / 8€ (standard)

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