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von Roland Schimmelpfennig.

The man who lost his dog, construction worker, the till girls, a shop owner, three girls after a long party night – everything seems to be normal on the Geifswalder Street in Berlin. Until it happens and then nothing is like it was before. 24 hours. What would you do if you had only 24 hours left ? What can disturb the everyday routine in the big city ? Love ? Death ? Magic ?

Roland Schimmelpfennig is the new star of German-language playwriting. His plays have been translated in over 20 languages. He won several prizes along with the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis, regarded as the highest honor for a playwright in the German language.

With its 35 years THUNIS is the oldest independent student theatre group of the Saarland University. There are two more THUNIS productions beside Auf der Greifswalder Straße. For the latter, the group consists of 28 young people between 20 and 32, some of them with several years of experience on stage, some of them taking part in their first theatre production so far. Most of the members are students but the group is open for whoever wants to play theatre.

--Work in Progress--
Direction : Isabell Popescu
Production: Beata Turoňová

Dauer: ca. 90min

Samstag, 02. März // 16:00 Uhr

Entry: 5€ (reduced) / 8€ (standard)

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